Leontia Gallery Consume Pop-up Exhibition


17th May 2015 079

I was lucky to catch the last day of Leontia Gallery’s witty and thought-provoking Consume pop-up exhibition in Hoxton this week. While its primary format is its online presence, Leontia Gallery also stages a series of temporary pop-up spaces throughout London where they showcase the work of exciting, emerging international artists such as Rococo Wonderland, urban artist Schoony, Magnus Gjoen, Jean-Luc Almond, and Carne Griffiths, who are working in unique formats and unexpected use of materials.

Leontia Reilly explains; “The gallery is not a gallery in the traditional sense as it exists online, the show’s locations are ephemeral; each exhibition and location is curated around a theme. It is a natural fit for this exhibition ‘Consume’ to be in the heart of Hoxton, a canvas for street artists.”

“Every piece of artwork on display has a strong concept and technique, which creates beautiful visual pieces to be enjoyed by everyone from art critics to collectors and those who’ve never visited an art gallery before. We have purposely selected a range of pieces for everyone’s budget £300 through to £4000, to encourage the existing and new enthusiasts to be at the forefront of the pioneering new movement of contemporary art.”

Please visit Leontia Gallery’s web site for more information on their upcoming events.


4 thoughts on “Leontia Gallery Consume Pop-up Exhibition

  1. So, I’m trying to understand what this is… a virtual exhibit? Or pieces taken from their online gallery to showcase in the flesh, so to speak? I was confused about this, but overall, looks very interesting!


    • Ya, it was a temporary, in the flesh, pop-up exhibition! As far as I know, the gallery, as of yet, has no fixed residence so they are opening up temporary physical spaces for people to visit to view the art they are showcasing. Personally, I think it’s a great way to operate. They are able to bring their work to more parts of London, making it more accessible, and because it has more of a “in the know” sense to it, I was able to visit and really enjoy the exhibition, without having to elbow through a load of tourists carrying massive rucksacks around with them. Finding exhibitions like this in London are such a treat.


      • awww, thanks for explaining. So awesome to see something like that for sure, and seemingly at random too. Good for you! Thanks for posting this. I imagined being there with you looking at the exhibition. It would’ve been fun!


      • It really was super fun. The staff was wonderful too. Walked me through the entire exhibition and even showed me some of the different effects light had on the works. For instance, Jean-Luc Almond’s Death Mask paintings totally pop when the lights are off. It is a bit unnerving at first because it seems like the face is literally rising out of the painting, but also so mesmerizing.


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