ODOU Issue Four


18th September 2015 064_b

If someone had told me last year when I began this blog that I would one day see an article published I probably would have cracked up laughing. So you can only imagine how absolutely thrilled I am to have been able to contribute to ODOU Issue Four.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Odette Toilette, Bloom Perfumery, Angela Flanders and 4160 Tuesdays’ Sarah McCartney, all of whom shared their invaluable insight into the growing culture of perfume events in London and just what makes them so popular. Sniffapalooza’s Karen Adams talked to me about how her weekend long events in New York have garnered a worldwide following. While Saskia Wilson-Brown of the Institute for Art and Olfaction shared with me ways she hopes to engage wider audiences outside of the perfume community.

My article is accompanied by a wonderful series of illustrations by Italian artist Massimo Alfaioli. I feel in very good company indeed!

18th September 2015 056_b

The rest of Issue Four features work by Mandy Aftel, Dana el Masri, Justin James, Pia Long, Persolaise, Alex Musgrave and Ainslie Walker. People whose work I read before beginning my own blog, and people whose work I still look forward to reading and admire. Issue Four has also introduced to me to work from writers and artists that I wasn’t familiar with and very much looking forward to getting to know better.

18th September 2015 074_b

Aside from all of that, it’s just such a stunning publication. The layout and use of colour is super beautiful. Kudos to editor Liam Moore on such a fantastic magazine!

18th September 2015 031_b

Copies of ODOU Issue Four can be ordered here.

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