Tea with Luca Turin | The Perfume Society at Les Senteurs




Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend The Perfume Society’s talk with Luca Turin at Les Senteurs in Marylebone. Mr Turin spoke about his early days of perfume writing and recounted some of his hilarious misadventures in perfume land.

Plus, he seems like a pretty cool guy.


Some of my favourite parts of the talk were…

On Dominique Ropion..4th October 2015 020

“Dominique Ropion is a genius. He builds perfumes with gigantic materials that don’t feel gigantic. There is power, clarity and structure that feels monumental from the start until they end. They feel monumental and make sense between every transition. Very few people do fragrances that work all the way through with reveals.”

But, of course, my love for Monsieur Ropion is very well documented…

11th July 2015 026


On Andy Tauer’s No. 02 L’air du Désert Marocain, which was a real crowd favourite…

4th October 2015_import 396_b

❤ Luca Turin ❤

“Classic. On par with Shalimar. One you would run into a burning building to save.”


On Papillon’s Anubis and Salome…


4th October 2015 057

Salome: “Everything that’s missing in (Dolce & Gabbana’s) Light Bue.”

Anubis: “Disinfectant for the soul. Makes you feel like breathing it in.”


On Amouage’s Christopher Chong…

4th October 2015 025

“Every author needs an editor, and Chong is a fantastic one.”


The full schedule of Perfume Society events can be found here.

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