The Institute for Art & Olfaction at The Wallace Collection for Froth and Folly: Scent in the 18th Century French Court


21st March 2015 024_TITLES

Today was one of those rare days when it’s like the heavenly bodies align to bring together so many things I love – perfume, 18th century France, The Institute for Art & Olfaction AND The Wallace Collection – into one gorgeously fragrant gift from the gods… Continue reading

4160 Tuesdays Paris 1948 Perfume Review


4160 Tuesdays’ Paris 1948 is a perfume constructed with a couture sensibility. ┬áIt develops on the skin seamlessly, its notes gently meandering together to project a soft-focus sophistication, cocooning around me with a veiled opacity that is at once aloof and incredibly alluring. It skims the body like an exquisitely tailored shift dress; its beauty lies not what is obviously apparent, but what is underneath.


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