Arquiste Parfumeur Spring Floral Evening with Carlos Huber at Bloom Perfumery


6th May 2015 014

On Wednesday 6th May, I was invited to a very special afternoon at Bloom Perfumery’s new space in Covent Garden where Carlos Huber, Creative Director of Arquiste Parfumeur, spoke to The Perfume Society’s Josephine Fairley, Amanda Carr from The Women’s Room, and myself about the four floral fragrances in the Arquiste collection.

I’ll get into that and all things Arquiste, including what we can expect in Fall 2015, in a minute though. There’s something I need to get off my chest first.

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The Institute for Art & Olfaction at The Wallace Collection for Froth and Folly: Scent in the 18th Century French Court


21st March 2015 024_TITLES

Today was one of those rare days when it’s like the heavenly bodies align to bring together so many things I love – perfume, 18th century France, The Institute for Art & Olfaction AND The Wallace Collection – into one gorgeously fragrant gift from the gods… Continue reading