Miller Harris La Pluie Perfume Review


Perhaps this review is timely given the weather in London the past couple of days where the sun and clouds and rain have seemingly been chasing one another across the sky, but I found myself reaching for this fragrance today.  I was feeling a bit unsettled, wistful, pensive and lost in my thoughts, often catching myself gazing off out the window in a thousand yard stare into the gray sky thinking about nothing and everything all at once.

Coming to my Senses 006

I found my small sample of Miller Harris’s La Pluie and dabbed both of my wrists with this beautifully quiet perfume, laid down and began inhaling…

I find the opening of the fragrance softly herbal with a mild sparkling of sweetness that’s so soothing.  I immediately feel a sense of calmness drift through my senses.  After this initial opening a soft white floral blend unfurls quite silently, which then takes on a powdery facet as the dry down completes.

Hours later La Pluie sits very close to my skin.  Initially it did not strike me as something I would automatically categorize as being tropical; however, as I spend more time with it, the fragrance on my skin is tacitly exotic and, although it retains a sweetness, it is not cloying in the slightest, draping my skin in a whispering secret veil.

Photo courtesy of Anya's Garden

Photo courtesy of Anya’s Garden


Top:  Bergamot, Tangerine Green, Lavender, Blé (wheat)

Heart:  Ylang ylang, Cassie, Jasmine, Orange Flower

Base:  Vetiver, Vanilla

Available in 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum for £65.00 and £95.00 respectively at


la_pluie_eau_de_parfum_50ml_1_1A story of tropical showers and the balmy climate of a far away island.  Top notes of tangerine and lavender refresh a heart of wet, white flowers.  The centrepiece is a tropical accord of ylang ylang framed by jasmine absolute and Tunisian orange flower.  The warm and sensual base reveals vetiver bourbon and vanilla bourbon from the Island of Réunion.

 Text from Miller Harris


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