Eating My Wardrobe


There are very few things in life that I am genuinely terrified of. Leggings as trousers being one. The other is clothes moths!


And let me tell you these bastards have the best taste! They aren’t interested in anything from any of the high street shops. Nope. I recently did quite a full on wardrobe re-organisation only to discover that they have literally gorged themselves on my favorite Ralph Lauren Collection black cashmere turtleneck, had two of my Calvin Klein pencil skirts for hors d’oeuvres, and treated themselves to numerous Crumpet cashmere jumpers and dresses for dessert.

9th May 2014 008

I had to take action! I was already somewhat aware of the Total Wardrobe Care range of products having seen them at Designer Alterations in Battersea. After a bit of research I decided to order their Natural Anti Moth Kit (available from Avenue 32) and one of the breathable storage boxes to store my knitwear in from One box comfortably accommodated 25 jumpers and cardigans of varying sizes with room to spare for hats and scarves. It is described as being able to fit 40 folded knits on the web site, but I think that may be a generous estimation unless they are better at packing than I am.

9th May 2014 006

The Natural Anti Moth Kit includes a moth box trap, a natural linen spray made from essential oils, a cotton potpourri cone, and a pack of 10 scented hanging ovals. I could smell the fragrance of the kit even before I opened the box and it was incredibly pleasing to me. Even if you don’t have any moth issues I would thoroughly recommend a pack of the scented hanging ovals just to keep your wardrobe smelling amazing every time you open it. They can also be inserted into shoes to keep them smelling fresh as well. When I was putting the storage box together I sprayed the bottom of the box with the natural linen spray before fixing the hard panel that goes on the bottom into the box. It advises on the spray that it should not come in direct with your clothing. I also sprayed the far back corners of my wardrobe and any surface that clothing did not come into contact with. I put the cone into the storage box with my knitwear.

The moth box allows you to gauge just how bad your moth infestation might be. I placed the one that came in the kit inside my wardrobe at the bottom. I am hoping if there are any moths making it into the wardrobe they will turn their attention to the box instead of any of my dresses. It has only been in there for a day now and I haven’t found any moths on it yet, but I may post an update to review how effective the box was. I am planning on getting one or two more for other parts of the flat as well.

I found to be a really excellent resource for identifying types of moths, properly caring for your garments, and they offer a vast range of products.