Chemistry 101: Rose Oxide



Rose oxide was discovered in 1959 by Casimir F. Seidel and Max Stoll at Firmenich. It is a significant ingredient of Bulgarian rose oil. It is also a contributing factor to the flavour of lychees.

Its discovery was considered so important it warranted a postage stamp in Russia.

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sources: From Classical to Modern Chemistry: The Instrumental Revolution by Peter T.J. Morris


The Story of Scent with Thierry Wasser at Selfridges


12th June 2014 012

Last Thursday, 12th June, I had the pleasure as a member of The Perfume Society to attend a Q&A with Guerlain’s Head Perfumer, Thierry Wasser.  I have transcribed my audio recording of the Q&A for you to read below, but I am afraid it just does not do justice to what a privilege it was to hear Mr Wasser answer Jo Fairley’s questions with not only humor and wit that kept the audience engaged and laughing throughout the duration of the Q&A session, but also with real insight garnered from his experiences attained through his position at Guerlain.  I was really surprised at the lengths he goes to to expertly fulfill his role, and what I really loved was his pragmatic, common sense approach to it.

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