Adventures in Miniature: Les Infusions de Prada


Prada_Adventures in Miniature

The Perfume Society recently partnered up with Prada Parfums on a super cute limited edition discovery box of the six Les Infusions de Prada fragrances. I took mine out for a little fun with photography field trip to my friend’s architecture studio in Hoxton.

11th August 2015 042_crop

The box features all six perfumes in the Les Infusions collection, all of which were created by perfumer Daniela Andrier. “An infusion is a transformative encounter from which the unexpected emerges – the new and the familiar. A sensory deja-vu.”

11th August 2015 145_crop

I found the collection to be a sort of Impressionist portrait of the essences they were designed to capture. My favourite is Oeillet. Despite being a thoroughly modern creation, I thought Oeillet had a distinct vintage vibe. It has a warm, clove-like spiced floral, and feels just a touch animalic. More of a purr than a growl.

Coming in a close second is Amande. It’s just a great little fragrance. I found the almond, heliotrope and tonka bean blend so well together. Giving an effect that felt to me like a soft nougat dusted with almond powder. There is just the smallest nibble of bitterness giving the scent a really easygoing balance between gourmande and oriental.

While I was sampling them, I felt the fragrances had a unique ability to present themselves as atmospheric reflections. When I was smelling Iris, I wasn’t getting iris. Instead it felt like what the breath of iris would smell like. There were a couple of instances where I felt that the interpretation was a bit too far removed for my personal taste, but I can see the appeal of the scent all the same.

Visit the Perfume Society if you fancy ordering a box of 8ml fragrances. They cost £30 for members and £36 for everyone else.

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