2 thoughts on ““Don’t Turn Your Back on Me” | Brenda Holloway | Motown 1965

  1. Such a distinctive sound…. Though the content of the song might suggest otherwise, as soon as the beat begins it conjures up images of era of enormous change and optimism!…. So good to hear that the city that spawned that sound of that generation is rebuilding itself, slowly but surely and that optimism, tentative and fragile though it is, is returning ~ Maybe the title was prescient all those years ago of something much wider in the country at large 🙂
    Food for thought, thank you!


    • I’m happy to bring something to munch on to the table! It’s one of my favorite Motown tracks (out of a long list of favorites), but I find it unique amongst the succession of hits released in Hitsville, USA. Martha Reeves should return to the Detroit City Council, become mayor, and rally everyone into the future with “If I Had a Hammer”.

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