Sniffing Around: Liberty of London


4th May 2015 078

Today my Perfume-Partner-in-Crime and I popped into Liberty of London for a bit of sniffing around…

I had a sniff through Vilhelm Parfumerie’s range of eight perfumes available to purchase at Liberty; however, despite promising openings, the development of most of the fragrances in the range felt a bit pedestrian for me. I did enjoy the peppery opening notes of Stockholm 1978, and while it does feel to me as if it has a ginger zing and aldehydic appeal, it still felt a tad unremarkable in my ever-so-humble opinion.

Morning Chess and Smoke Show were other favorites from the brand (if I had to choose), but not something I haven’t experienced elsewhere (and probably better).  I did enjoy the brand’s fantastic use of yellow, and while the flacons were a bit clumsy to handle, I could get hours of enjoyment out of the magnetic lids.

If my overdraft had allowed, I probably would have purchased the entire range of Maria Lux fragrances, designed by Alessandro Gualtieri of Nassomato and Orto Parisi fame. They all had a proper full-bodied, nuanced appeal. Mogadess was giving me hot, fiery cinnamon for days. Petra von Kant’s perfume wardrobe.

My friend scored a wonderful Discovery Set from Le Galion, which was relaunched in 2014 by Elisabeth de Feydeau. Previously Head of Cultural Affairs at Chanel and a specialist in Olfactory and Cultural Development, Ms de Feydeau author of A Scented Palace: The Secret History of Marie Antoinette’s Perfumer, which is based on the work of Jean-Louis Fargeon, is also the woman behind Arty Fragrance.

4th May 2015 117

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