Haeckels Pop-Up Shop at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch


22nd April 2015 026_reduced

Margate based fragrance and skincare brand, Haeckels, has taken up residence at Ace Hotel’s pop-up space in East London’s Shoreditch. Established in 2012 by former film-maker, Dom Bridges, Haeckels, which holds one of only two licenses in the United Kingdom to harvest seaweed from the English coast, offers a complete range of skin and hair care products, interior fragrances, and eight perfumes.

22nd April 2015 089

I popped in this afternoon to photograph the space, which does an excellent job of conveying the brand’s coastal roots in the very urban location with thalassic touches and Victorian entomology trays. There is consideration in the display of products with ample room to sample and space to navigate to the various product ranges offered in the shop. Taking pride of place in the center of the space is the ingenious, scent distilling Aromaphone, and why the hell shouldn’t it?? It’s brilliant.

22nd April 2015 067_reduced

The perfumes, which are named by GPS coordinates, date and weather condition, are blended with unexpected combinations of botanicals and herbs indigenous to England inspired by remote and forgotten locations discovered through coastal England travels. All Haeckels products are distilled and handcrafted in their Cliff Terrace laboratory, which was set up in 2013.

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One thing that really struck me about the brand is how Haeckels synergizes with the greater arts community of Margate, engaging painter Tom Swift to paint the back of the London shop and Bridget McVey Studio Pottery to design Haeckels’ Aromaphone.

22nd April 2015 080_reduced

I also love Haeckels sense of appreciation for their environment, not only as a source of key ingredients for their products, but also something to be cherished, celebrated, inspired by and respected. Haeckels regularly organises community-lead beach cleans and marine conservation surveys along the English coast.

According to Mr Bridges, Haeckels will be in residence at the Ace Hotel Pop-up shop, where the full range of products and accessories is available, “for a long time”. These can also be ordered via the Haeckels web site.

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4 thoughts on “Haeckels Pop-Up Shop at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch

  1. I’ve never seen perfume put inside glass containers like that! Amazing! It has a great decor, truly. I am very impressed with this place!
    I wish you could work there. I think you would fit right in! By the way, you got a big email coming tonight!


  2. Margate at least has re-invented itself briiliantly over the past few years… I spent many a day trip there as a child, immersed in scents from countless fish and chips shops, candyfloss, and pop-up whelk stalls!… And Dreamland (a sort of miniature Busch Gardens without
    the the Florida sunshine). It went into a sort of genteel decline before re-emerging as an arts hotspot…… Who’d a thought it!!?
    Hooray for Pop-Up shops! 🙂


    • Shoreditch is London’s pop-up hot spot, but it’s really great to see other cities in the UK establishing themselves as arts and design hot spots. It looks like there is some fantastic work coming out of Margate, and, as I have never been there, I am thinking of planning a visit 🙂


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