Thea Porter at the Fashion & Textile Museum


“Every designer, every artist, has to believe that he or she has come up with something new, but the truth is that we are all product of outside influences, many of them absorbed unconsciously. There is a sense in which nothing is new, except in the rearrangement of images inherited from the past, and passed through the sieve of one own’s feelings and sensibility.” Thea Porter

Thea Porter

Even though I am constantly trying to convince myself that I want to build a wardrobe of chic, Olivia Pope style neutrals, I can never quite resist the allure of color and prints.

So I just wanted to send a huge thank you to the Fashion & Textile Museum for giving me something new to stalk on eBay…

Thea Porter 1970’s Bohemian Chic is on at the Fashion & Textile Museum until 3rd May.

One thought on “Thea Porter at the Fashion & Textile Museum

  1. this made me smile so much! It’s great to have something you love enough to stalk it on ebay! For me, it’s finding AKB48 dvds at a reasonable price (and by reasonable, I mean less than 100 dollars, of which there seem to be few and far between lol). Anyways, this post got me thinking… do you have a favorite outfit or set of clothes that you often find yourself reaching for everyday? I can’t imagine you wouldn’t have that, so I’m curious what that is. Send me something in an e/mail. I want to see you in all your glory!


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