Sniffing Around


17th April 2015 141

Yesterday afternoon I popped down to Mayfair’s Avery Row to check out the newly refurbished Avery Perfume Gallery. I found the newly redecorated space, with its baroque style draperies and Victorian curiosity cabinet touches, was more complimentary to the curated collection of fragrances stocked at Avery rather than the more minimal style previously on display there.

17th April 2015 136The highlights of my sniffing session include Agonist’s Vanilla Marble, Ouris from SoOud, Y from Avery’s own collection, and I was quite surprised by Wanted and In Pursuit of Magic from Diane Pernet’s fragrance collection. Both perfumes opened with very robust, full bodied notes; In Pursuit of Magic in particular opened with a raspy quality I found really intriguing. Definitely warrants further exploration.


2 thoughts on “Sniffing Around

    • Not far at all really – just a quick trip on the Tube. It was a bit of a tourist obstacle course getting to this quiet little part of Mayfair though. Hope you are really well. I’ll drop you a proper email this week. I’ve been super busy. x


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