Recent Rhapsodies


4 thoughts on “Recent Rhapsodies

  1. A wonderfully eclectic mix of rhapsodies to enjoy before Easter!….. I often find the change of weather (finally) during this season puts a new perspective of things and makes everything seem more …..interesting.
    At the moment my mind (and body) is focussed on remodelling the bathroom yet even demolishing walls to increase the footprint is rhapsodic in it’s own way despite the noise, physical exertion and unremitting clouds of dust! Paradoxical I know, but I guess you might have a sense of that having been through a similar exercise in your own place recently.

    PS the rhubarb and cassis cakes look *lovely* ….. Who knows, maybe the Great British Bakeoff Bgirl Beckons? ;)…. Now that would be a rhapsody to write about….

    Have a lovely Easter.


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