Eight Things I Learned at the 1960’s Vintage Scent Session


Today I attended my second Vintage Scent Session hosted by Odette Toilette at Les Senteurs.  The Vintage Scent Sessions are such a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Just as before, the Scent Session was super fun and very informative. Not to mention the delicious cakes…

7th February 2015 007

Eight great things I learned today…

1.  John F Kennedy’s favorite cologne was Jockey Club from Caswell-Massey.  Founded in 1725, Caswell-Massey is the United States’ oldest perfumery, and it is the fourth oldest perfumery in the world after Farina gegenüber, Floris, and Galimard. Jockey Club was launched in 1840, and is still sold today.

2.  Christian Dior’s Eau Sauvage, composed by Edmond Roudnitska in 1966, was the first fragrance to use Hedione, which was discovered in the late 50’s by Edouard Demole. The group at today’s Vintage Scent Session voted Eau Sauvage most popular, but I have to admit that I preferred Aramis a tiny bit more.  (My personal favorite from today’s Session was Jean Desprez’s Bal a Versailles in case you were wondering, but more on this one later).

I also discovered that prior to starting his career in music, Lindsey Buckingham was a model for one of René Gruau’s Eau Sauvage ad illustrations…


3.  Maryse Guy, better known as Mitsouko, was born in 1943.  She briefly appeared in 1965’s Thunderball as Madame LaPorte and in a string of lesser known 60’s spy films.

Photo lifted from Obsessional.co.uk

Photo lifted from Obsessional.co.uk

4.  Patchouli is in the Mint family.

7th February 2015_2 008

5. Luis Buñuel’s 1967 film, “Belle de Jour” was the inspiration for Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums’ Iris Poudre:

“By that time, although the fragrance was far from finished, I perceived its character and associated it with the woman played by Catherine Deneuve in Luis Buñuel’s “Belle de Jour”.  I often associate scents with people – fictional or real.  Iris Poudre was to express the restrained but fiery sensuality of a sophisticated Parisian woman.”

Semi-related note: I’ve always REALLY fancied Marcel played by Pierre Clémenti in “Belle de Jour”.


6.  Jean Desprez’s Bal a Versailles was Michael Jackson’s favorite perfume.  Apparently he fell in love with it after receiving it as a gift from Elizabeth Taylor.

In season two of Dynasty, Alexis tries to seduce Blake Carrington by dousing herself in Bal a Versailles, which was Krystal’s favorite perfume.


7.  In the late 1960’s Mattel launched a collection of therapy-inducing Kiddle Kolognes…


Ironically selling for quite a bit on eBay.

8.  Raquel Welch, Best Space Girl Dance EU:

She’s actually dancing in front of statues erected for the 1968 Olympics held in Mexico.

Perfumes Sampled: Christian Dior Eau Sauvage, Brut, Aramis, Patchouli Oil, Kiehl’s Musk Oil, Madame Rochas, Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles, Ô de Lancôme, Robert Piguet Futur, and Empreinte by Courréges

The next Vintage Scent Session on the 1970’s takes place on Saturday 18th April. Tickets can be booked for either 11:30 or 2:30 here.


8 thoughts on “Eight Things I Learned at the 1960’s Vintage Scent Session

  1. Hey how are ya?
    The scent session sounds like it was a blast! Really quick question… who is Maryse Guy, better known as Mitsouko? She’s beautiful? Japanese I’m guessing? I’m curious to know more about her!!!


    • Hi! I’m really well, thanks. I had a super busy week of interviews, some of which were quite interesting. The Scent Session was certainly a great way to treat myself though. To be honest, it was quite difficult finding much information about Mitsouko (aka Maryse Guy). Perhaps you don’t know about the classic Guerlain fragrance Mitsouko, hence her relevance to our Scent Session. 😛 But she only appeared in about 12 films, if I recall correctly, and sometimes completely uncredited as she was in the James Bond film, Thunderball. I believe she was involved in some dubious activity before committing suicide in Paris in 1995. But like I said, I trawled through lots of web sites, and information was rather scarce.


      • She killed herself? Wow. I was so curious about her too! She was in a James Bond film? I never watched the older films with Bond, to be honest, but at the same time, I’m really intrigued by this individual. It’s almost as though Mitsouko I could see being part of Any Warhol’s factory scene for some reason. Not sure why, but her image gives me that vibe.
        Crazy. Thanks for letting me know how it’s going! Send me a message when you have a chance!


      • She has that sort of “on the fringe” quality I associate with most of the Warhol superstars. In looking for information on her I came across a forum where someone said that he was her son and he spoke about her really fondly. I’ll try to find it for you a bit later and email it to you. xx


  2. I wasn’t really old enough in the 60’s to be in a position not to remember being there (.. … that was more the 70’s ;)), but it only takes a small trigger to the senses to bring back memories of that era…… A guitar chord from The Beatles, an updo, the smell of damp in cob walls (summer holidays in my gran’s cottage), toast for tea on a saturday night….. and *Barbarella*
    Jane Fonda never looked so good….. Sure Raquel Welch might have been a goddess but everything about the film, including the leading lady is so……… Sixties!!
    Thanks for the update


    • It was one of the most memorable British films I watched when I moved to London. It kinda felt like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf meets Coronation Street. I saw a couple of great Kitchen Sink films too – A Taste of Honey and Cathy Come Home.

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