Seeing Stars


Today I made a trek down to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich to check out the brilliant Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition for 2014…

29th January 2015 041


Aside from the obvious beauty of the images, what really struck me about them is just how alive everything seems.  It’s just all so fantastical and happening out there in space.  It really captured my imagination and lifted my spirits.

Here is a gallery of some of my favorite images from the collection, which is free to view at the Royal Observatory until 22nd February…

6 thoughts on “Seeing Stars

  1. I’ve always found space to be fascinating but at the same time, so big that it’s incomprehensible. It makes you wonder about how we all got here and stuff of that nature. I saw Interstellar and it really made me think about big picture topics, you know? But these pics are absolutely beautiful and I am happy you posted them! I wish I could’ve went there with you!


    • Like outer space and the DEEP ocean are two things I am so obsessed with. It was just amazing to me that there is so much happening out there. I mean I really don’t know much about it – if it is in this universe or another. It is completely beyond my understanding, but it’s just all so bloody beautiful and a little bit terrifying too!


  2. Lovely selection of photos …..The Royal Observatory was so much a part of my childhood…
    Most years at primary school we had at least one school trip there. The Christmas talk in the planetarium on the Star of Bethlehem and winter constellations; the weird and wonderful telescopes and timepieces; the smell of wood polish and antiquity; fish paste sandwiches and crisps in the tuckbox (well this was before subway!), running (or rather rolling) down the hill to the Maritime Museum (boring!) …… Who’d have thought astronomy could be so cool at 8 years old!!?


    • Oh god I think I know the hill you are referring to! I was very cautiously creeping it down it yesterday terrified of taking a fall. Inappropriate shoes and all. Last October I spent six hours creeping around Richmond Park in stacked heel ankle boots, but in my defense I didn’t know it was going to be like walking in like a forest. I fell twice. 😀


  3. Inappropriate footwear eh!?…. I do believe I can top that recalling an episode completing a section of the Pennine Way.
    Heading to the car park, pub and a well-earned beer, we passed in the other direction a young couple…. Stopped us dead in our tracks, as we realised the woman’s footwear was a pair of vertiginous stilettos, about to clamber over a style to trip up the (extremely) muddy path we’d just descended from……
    What was she thinking!??……. Maybe one martini too many in the pub ahead and under different circumstances I might have appreciated her well turned heel, but all I could think about her sinking slowly into the mire to come….

    We did warn the couple what to expect, in that friendly, downplayed kind of way british people have ….. Hope for you nothing more serious than decorum was bruised in your falls! 🙂


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