Andy’s Taxi


“Taxi was from Charleston, South Caroline – a confused, beautiful debutante who’d split with her family and come to New York.  She had a poignantly vacant, vulnerable quality that made her a reflection of everybody’s private fantasies.  Taxi could be anything you wanted her to be – a little girl, a woman, intelligent, dumb, rich, poor – anything.  She was a wonderful, beautiful blank.  The mystique to end all mystiques.” – Excerpt from Andy Warhol’s The Philosophy of Andy Warhol


2 thoughts on “Andy’s Taxi

    • What?? Museums outside of London?? What a shocking concept! 😛 That one does sound really great though. I love watching Andy Warhol interviews. One in particular he is asked about why he started making films, and his reply was something like “It’s just easier.”


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