On One


Sometimes I feel that people need to be reminded why there is a very definite reason that we are born with two eyes and just one mouth.

It is entirely possible to, at times, find the answers you are looking for without the need to ask, and in turn prove yourself to be just the tiniest bit resourceful.


2 thoughts on “On One

  1. Ahh… Spoonfeeding the lazy or generally-can’t-be-bothered!
    Why are we inclined to do it with so much grace for the undeserving when it irks us to do so?
    I’m minded of Holly Hunter’s curt riposte on Broadcast News when William Hurt wants to “Pick your brains…” that she emphatically “Doesn’t do remedial reporting”! Maybe we should do the same from time to time…….. But I guess we’re just too nice.


    • The irony is that I wrote that post because I was annoyed that people who bang on about the importance of attention to detail were not paying attention to details! Have you made the granola yet?? I have some in the oven now! 😛


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