You Must Remember This: Liz <3 Monty


At the moment I am listening to the Liz ❤ Monty podcast for the third time on You Must Remember This.

Photo courtesy of You Must Remember This

Photo courtesy of You Must Remember This

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Taylor’s.  She is maybe my favorite actress of all time. Not only was she hugely glamorous, but, for a star of her caliber, I find some of the roles she chose to star in really provocative for the time they were produced.  I mean just look at some of the pervading themes you can find in Suddenly Last Summer, a film which centers around Katherine Hepburn’s character, Violet Venable, essentially bribing Montgomery Clift’s character, John Cukrowicz, with the promise of a donation of a large sum of money to the mental institution he works at provided he performs a lobotomy on her niece, Catherine played by Elizabeth Taylor, in order to cover up the dark secrets Catherine is carrying about her son Sebastian, who died whilst abroad on holiday under some very suspicious circumstances.

Karina Longworth’s expertly researched and beautifully recounted podcast on You Must Remember This details the deep friendship and love between Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, and it increased my affinity for Ms Taylor ten fold.

Please have a listen to the Liz ❤ Monty podcast when you have a spare 38 minutes.  It will make you a better person.  😛

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