Harrods’ Salon de Parfums, London’s Pantheon of Perfume


13 October 2014 017

Ascending the escalator to the newly opened Harrods Salon de Parfums is like rising to the heights of Olympus where you find yourself in the company of the storied gods and goddesses of perfume. Yesterday I went up to the sixth floor to explore the Salon, which just opened on Saturday.  I was immediately taken with the opulent, art deco styling of the space that plays host to the likes of Chanel’s Les Exclusifs de Chanel, Christian Dior’s Le Collection Priveé, Creed, Tom Ford, By Kilian, Xerjoff, Henry Jacques, and of course, Roja Dove’s magnificent Haute Parfumerie.

Every aspect of the Salon is a well considered testament to a luxury shopping experience.  From the eleven beautifully appointed boutiques housed within the salon, to the Lalique cabinet handles in the Haute Parfumerie, and the sumptuous green settee sofa in the Xerjoff boutique; every aspect of the Salon has its own character, personality and is imbued with thought and meaning.  Even the first step of the down escalator moves at a slower pace than the others to allow you to comfortably step on to it with ease!

The staff working in the Salon de Parfums were absolutely wonderful.  They were friendly and outgoing, but never overbearing.  They were warm and engaging.  They wanted to talk not just about the fragrances themselves, but also the histories behind them.  It really felt to me as if they encourage one to really form a relationship with scent.  For them it doesn’t feel like you are at the Salon just to purchase a bottle of perfume.  You are there to find another extension of yourself and a new form of self expression.

With the Guerlain boutique opening on Thursday, followed by Ex Nihilo in November, I have a feeling that yesterday was just the first of many trips I will be making to the Salon de Parfums.  I don’t feel that just one visit could ever be enough for anyone just starting out on their journeys through fragrance or even seasoned connoisseurs.  The Salon de Parfums is ripe with treasures to be discovered, most of which are ensconced in gorgeously detailed Lalique crystal.  Could there be any better kind??

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