4160 Tuesdays Who Knew? Perfume Review



4160 Tuesdays’ Who Knew? opens on my skin sweetly.  The initial burst of fragrance smiles, a jammy, rosy giggle that I find incredibly inviting.  Soon a depth to Who Knew? develops that feels as if I am inhaling from the deepest depths of a rose; however, it is not a sort of haughty, overpowering rose at all. It’s quietly confident but contemplative and pensive.

Photo knicked from Kafkaesque

Photo knicked from Kafkaesque

I find the depth of the fragrance of Who Knew? quite narcotic, addictive, prompting long deep sniffs of my wrists.  Nothing else will do for me as Who Knew? unfurls into a sophisticated rose bloom, emitting a silently seductive warmth as the roses begin to blend seamlessly with the creamy accords now developing.

Photo stolen from femininethings.org

Photo stolen from femininethings.org

An hour into its wear Who Knew? feels to me like a luxurious, velvet urbane rose mixed with a hothouse humidity that lends the fragrance a soulful aspect;  it is however still discreet, restrained, with the same deep, ravishing, 3-D characteristic that originally captured my attention.

Photo courtesy of TiffanyBolton

Photo courtesy of TiffanyBolton

Who Knew? has a wonderful longevity.  For me it persisted from mid afternoon and throughout the entire evening.

It’s a fantastic fragrance, at once alluring and hushed; for there is no need to scream what is best said in whispers.

Who Knew? can be ordered directly from the 4160 Tuesdays web site in 100 ml (£90), 50 ml (£60), 30 ml (£40), a handbag sized (always handy!) 8 ml (£12.00), and a 3.5 ml tester vial (£5).

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