Francesca Woodman Zigzag at Victoria Miro Gallery


Earlier this week I stopped into the Victoria Miro Gallery to check out the Francesca Woodman photographs on display in the Zigzag exhibition currently on until 4th October.

23 September 2014 006

Here are some of my favorite images from the collection…

23 September 2014 018

23 September 2014 012

23 September 2014 009

23 September 2014 004


‘It will be … a long string of images held together by a long compositional zigzag, thus the corner of a building in one frame fits into the elbow of a girl in the next frame into a book in the third frame, the images are both very personal mysterious ones and harsh images of outdoor city life. It is hard to get the adjoining images to fit the rigorous structural scaffold’.  Francesca Woodman

23 September 2014 001

23 September 2014 033

23 September 2014 024

23 September 2014 031

23 September 2014 020

23 September 2014 027

It’s definitely worth a visit.  The gallery space is great and super chill.  Plus only three people (myself included) were there when I visited this week.  It really allowed me to have a chance to really take in the art, which is a luxury you often cannot find at most London exhibitions.


The exhibition is free to view at:

Victoria Miro Mayfair

14 St George Street

London W1S 1FE


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