4160 Tuesdays Rome 1963


2 June 2014 008

Last Saturday at the 4160 Tuesdays studio, where I attended a white florals workshop, I overheard Sarah McCartney telling one of other ladies there how she was asked to base her Rome 1963 perfume on Federico Fellini’s Juliet of the Spirits. My curiosity was immediately piqued. While La Dolce Vita and 8½ are probably the films he is most famous for, Juliet of the Spirits is the one film of his I have seen that really spoke to me.



Rome 1963 opens with a sharp, fresh blast, pleasantly awakening with soft citrus undertones that become more prominent to me in the first stages as the fragrance develops on my skin. Rome 1963 then leads me gently through a delicate weave of musky clove-like spices before opening its veil to reveal the white floral blend found at the heart of this gorgeous perfume.


While ultimately Juliet of the Spirits is a film about awakening, Juliet’s awakening to her own sense of self and to value her own identity, which I definitely feel is captured in the opening of Rome 1963; however, for me, Rome 1963 is all about Suzy’s tree-house.


It’s taking that familiar ride in the basket up the tree, which you have done time after time whenever you are seeking escape to recharge your senses and sensuality. Rome 1963, in my opinion, is not a bold powerhouse white floral, but it whispers from its bed of soft woods and warm spices.  However, once your attention is captured, it only leads you closer.


Rome 1963 wears very close to my skin, and each time I put my nose to my wrist to sample it again I find myself only being drawn closer to the fragrance. It’s subtle but very confident and sure of itself. It’s nonchalantly tossing a marabou slipper off the side of the tree-house knowing all too well the one below will only be too happy to deliver.


Rome 1963 feels undeniably feminine, but never too sweet, just knowing and pleased of its own particular beauty. I have been wearing Rome 1963 almost every day since receiving it, and I absolutely adore it. It feels almost secretive and purely for my own enjoyment or whomever I feel worthy of sharing it with. It stays very close to my skin almost throughout, but I continue to catch glimpses of its white floral beauty for hours after first applying and I can never resist taking a moment to myself to my wrist to savor it.


Tuberose, Gardenia, Ylang ylang, Jasmine, Frangipani…

If you happen to have a spare six minutes and 39 seconds, here is the tree-house scene from Juliet of the Spirits that inspired my review:

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