My First Week with Radical Skincare’s Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture



I have been using Radical Skincare’s Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture for a week now, and I wanted to post an update to my initial first impressions review. I have to say that I am starting to notice a real sort of internal luminosity creeping up to the surface, which is very encouraging. I have been using it twice daily, when I pull myself together for the day and when I get ready for bed, and I have found that I really crave the fragrance and sensation of applying it to my skin. It just feels incredibly refreshing and soothing and my skin really seems to drink it up.

The only issue I have had since beginning to use Radical’s moisturiser is that I have noticed I have had a few very small spots that seem to make an appearance and are then gone within about 12 – 24 hours. I like to think this is the anti-oxidants getting to work and pulling impurities from my skin and not a larger adverse reaction to the product. But it could be any number of things I suppose. This is just my observations since beginning to use this product so I am going to see how this progresses throughout further use (I have barely made a dent in the jar by the way).


Within a few days of using Radical’s Restorative Moisture I noticed the improvement in how other products I use on my skin appeared. Most days when I pop out I just use Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint. After using Radical’s moisturiser it seemed to glide on so much smoother and looked noticeably more luminizing because of the overall brightening of my complexion.

So far, so good I would say. I will post an update in another week’s time with hopefully even better results. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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